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A true Story on Planchet

Planchet A true story by Indranath Chatterjee

[ To learn about planchet >> click here]

It had been a bad day for all of us. A Friday and India had lost the one day international cricket match to Pakistan at Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. All of us had been confident that India would win this time. Our players had been the best – at least on paper. Gloom had fallen down on the people of India and it seemed that we here at Calcutta watching the match on TV were the worst affected. An eerie silence floated from the streets, as if the sleeping beauty had gone back to sleep. None of us spoke in the room we were in.
We were all gathered at my flat in Tollygunj in south Calcutta. My flat is on the fourth floor of a seven–storey structure, with a drawing room, two bedrooms, a kitchen and two bathrooms. A small balcony is attached to the drawing room, which is my respite from the heat in the summers.

The TV is in the drawing room where Suman was sprawled on the floor half asleep. He had just come back from a botanical expedition from his college. Pradip our sceptic was sitting, staring openmouthed at the TV in disbelief. Kiran the feminist was sitting by the side of the window on the table grumbling possibly about cricket being saved by women or something to that order. Nimmi was sitting on the large sofa reading a worn out Harold Robbins possibly for the hundredth time, and I was preparing a large jug of lemonade for all to wet our parched throats, which suddenly felt dry when we knew for certain that we had lost the match.
All of us, except for Pradip made a strange group bound not by age, religion or profession, but by a hobby. We were all interested in the occult sciences.
Pradip, however was the exception. He was my neighbour and was in his third year at college. He was studying for his engineering degree at the IIT at Kanpur in northern India. He was here in Calcutta on vacation with his parents and spent time with us, as he had nothing better to do. He was not a believer in occult sciences. He used to pooh–pooh at us whenever we discussed unexplained phenomena.

After a full half hour of grumbled silence and noisily quenching our thirsts for lemonade, gradually we found our speech.
“Do you know that some building in Malaysia has overtaken the Sears building as the tallest building on earth?” Kiran as usual was the first to start.
“Singapore. Not Malaysia, you dimwit” snarled Suman, by now only half awake.
“The whole lot of our cricketers deserve to be thrown into the Bay of Bengal.” opined our sceptic, with a lot of disgust.
“They sure should if they want people to watch cricket any more” I said matter–of–factly.
“You men are all the same. No loyalty towards anything. This accounts for these stupid defeats.” Kirans’ comments.
We all laughed. Everyone of us knew where her loyalties lay.
Pradip was still laughing when he caught the whack of the rolled newspaper which Kiran had aimed at him. Pradip was true to his short tempered nature. “Cut it off you lesbo” he retorted. Silence. He had hit a raw nerve. Kiran went quiet and then the sobs started coming out. She accepted feminism as a second nature, but sexual preferences was still taboo for her. Possibly the Indian in her still kept the orthodox mentality with respect to sex.
“Cut it out Pradip.” shouted Nimmi, “Don’t act like a chauvinist pig.”
Pradip had realised his mistake but the words that he had spoken could not be taken back. “I’m sorry Kiran” he apologised softly, “I did not mean it. Please forgive me..”
The sobs were still pouring out. Nimmi was trying to placate Kiran with not much avail.
“Do you guys know anything about planchets? Kiran was talking about it the day before. Weren’t you Kiran?” I asked, trying to lighten the situation and drawing Kiran into the conversation so as to erase the last two minutes from her memory. It was after all my house.
Kiran was comfortable with her sobs. Nimmi however caught on. “Yeah. I did some studying on the subject. We require a board with some drawings on it and a medium…”
“You are wrong.” said Kiran, “Planchets are a means of calling spirits of the dead and making them answer your questions..” Nimmi and I winked at each other. Mission accomplished.
“These are done by using a board where the alphabet are written all around the board and also words like ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ printed at diagonal ends.” Kiran continued, “The rest of the board is decorated with mystical diagrams, which has the power to draw spirits as per the various books I have read on the subject. A minimum of six persons are required to start a planchet. A piece of cork or wood called the concentration piece is placed in the center of the planchet and all six place their index finger on the concentration piece. One of them – the medium–concentrates on the person whose spirit is to be called. The spirit comes in, usually denoted by a signal, questions are asked, to which the spirit answers by a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or spells it out. This is done by the concentration piece moving across the board at a high speed and stopping fractionally at the letters one after the other. A seventh person is required to write down the answers immediately.”
“How does the medium connect with the spirit?” I asked.
“That is quite simple actually” answered Kiran confidently, all traces of her sobs gone. “The medium simply has to think about the person and keep on mentally repeating his or her name continuously. In a way meditate on the persons name continuously till the signal is received that the spirit is close.”
“What is the signal?” asked Nimmi “I mean, is it something specific or only a general sign that one has to interpret?.”
“It could be anything. Possibly one may have to interpret the signal. I.. I am not very sure. It actually depends on the psychology of the spirit, I guess” answered Kiran.
“Does the spirit forecast the future?” I asked.
“Well it depends upon who the spirit is. Some do and some don’t.” Kiran answered.
“What if. Only hypothesising, of course. What if the spirit refuses to leave?” I asked again.
“The spirit will sit on your head, break it and eat your brains. Unless of course it happens to be a male spirit. Kiran will simply shoo it away.” joked Pradip, and then taking a serious sombre tone said “And the–e–e–n the spirit shall let out a wail….woo…ooo…ooo.”
“Stop it Pradip..” It was Nimmi angry at Pradip for being so inconsiderate.
“What’s wrong with it? I was just creating the atmosphere for your planned–shit” retorted Pradip.

Just then a fierce banging was heard at the door.
“That must be Abhishek. He is late as usual.” said Kiran looking out the window. She was back in form, obviously, relieved at the interruption.
Abhishek had been upto something big. He refused to come to my house that day and strongly put me off when I tried to get the reason off him. Possibly he was dating a girl that day.
The doorbell rang followed by further banging on the door. I opened the door to let Abhishek in. He was smiling his toothy smile.
“What happened?” I asked, “Robbed a bank?”
“Nah. Rajiv’s dad has given permission to go to his farmhouse at Ashoknagar.” He explained. “We can all spend the weekend there. He spoke to Mr Ghosh the caretaker in my presence.”
A loud hurrah went up from the inmates of my drawing room. We had been waiting for such an opportunity.
“Hey. This is truly a godsend. Why don’t we do a planchet at the farmhouse? It would be real interesting?” asked Nimmi.
“Yeah. That’s a good idea. It surely will be very quiet out there.” I supported.
After some discussion, it was decided that we shall start the next day after lunch. Pradip sat silently without comment.
“Come with us Pradip.” I asked.
“No. I would not like to involve myself with things I don’t believe in” he answered.
“Come on” piped in Suman, by now fully awake “You need not do any planchets but at least you could enjoy the place. I heard from Rajiv that it is a very beautiful place.”
After a lot of cajoling, Pradip too decided to come with us, on condition that he be made medium.
“But why would you like to be a medium?” I asked him.
“To prove you weak brained fools what rubbish it all is.”
I couldn’t help but smile.

Next afternoon we all crammed up in Abhishek’s old jalopy, all seven of us. Nimmi’s brother Asif too had joined us. Abhishek was driving. The sky was overcast when we started and by the time we reached the national highway it was three thirty. We reached the farmhouse at about five that evening.
It was a cool day. The caretaker Mr Ghosh knew me from before and smiled a warm welcome.
“Your stay upto tomorrow evening is arranged. Just let me know fifteen minutes before you would like to take your dinner” he said “Ramu shall show you where you are being put up and shall also take your bags. Enjoy yourselves”
The farmhouse was built on an area of about twenty hectares. About five of this was devoted to a small pond which was used to raise fish. The house itself was a two–storey simple construction, with a large terrace in the front leading to a large hall, which you had to enter through french windows on the ground floor. At the back there was the kitchen and two bathrooms. On the west attached to the hall were two bedrooms with attached baths. On the floor above was a corridor in the center flanked by four bedrooms two on either side. Each bedroom opened to long balconies on either side of the house. Tables and chairs made of cane were set up on these balconies overlooking the woods that encircled the farmhouse on three sides.
The house was simply but tastefully decorated. Neat cotton curtains were up on the windows. The whole inside had whitewashed walls and simple furniture made of locally available teakwood. Local handicrafts were placed all across the house at every vantage corner or windowsill. Hand woven mattresses were laid out on the floors giving the interiors a rustic look.
The house and the pond apart, the whole area was landscaped to portray a wooded area. Lots of trees had been planted and three paths ran across the area. One to the pond, another to the main gate and a third to the extreme east corner of the area which housed the caretaker and a couple of servants. The paths were lined with small flowering shrubs with flowers, which gave a sweet light scent.
After a quick freshening up, we went out for a walk into the neighbouring woods. The woods were basically man made woods that were planted over a period of time. Parts of the woods had a symmetry as to the plantation whereas the other parts simply looked unkempt giving the appearance of a self developed tropical forest. We went in through a dust path leading into the woods. The woods seemed to be preparing itself for the night. A wild breeze was blowing across making a swishing sound as it passed through the tree leaves. Birds were returning back to their roosts. We spotted some deer which took off immediately on catching our scent. A variety of smells and sounds surrounded us. Gradually as the evening started to set in, the crickets started to give off the peculiar sound they make, which started to grow louder with each passing minute.
We returned back to the house by seven thirty by which time it had become quite dark and the crickets had started a regular concert reaching a timeless continuous crescendo. The house was dimly lit with only one lamp on the terrace. The whole area had become dark by then and the building stood out like a demon guarding a colossus cave behind it. Inside the house the lighting was comfortable, with a chandelier in the center radiating the light through its crystal pieces and lamps on each wall accentuating the light in the corners where the chandelier light could not reach.
We asked Mr Ghosh to set dinner at eight and decided to set the planchet later on the terrace after dinner.

At about ten we sat down with the planchet on the terrace. A rug was placed on the terrace and a small table was placed at the center of the rug with the planchet placed over it. A small cork piece was used as the concentration block. The light on the terrace was switched off which made the light in the hall fall out softly through the french windows onto the terrace, enough for us to recognise each other and read the letters on the planchet board.
Asif would be the scribe for this session. We placed pillows on the terrace near the table for comfort and all six of us sat around it with our index fingers on the cork block. Pradip had started to meditate on some long dead person.

An hour passed. Then another started to pass.
At about ten minutes to midnight there was a rapid movement on the planchet. We could barely keep our fingers on the cork.
“I have come” said Asif with a slightly squeaky voice. We realised he had followed the cork.
“Would you like to reveal yourself?” I asked.
“No” said the spirit.
“Are you male or female?” someone asked.
“Female” spelt the spirit.
“Will you answer our questions?” Abhishek asked.
“Did you become a spirit a long time back?” asked Suman.
“No” answered the spirit.
“Will there be a good monsoon this year?” asked Kiran.
“Yes” the spirit replied
“Will I get through my exams this summer?” asked Nimmi.
“Yes” came the answer.
“What will be the outcome of the next cricket match?” asked Abhishek.
No answer.
“Are you there?” he asked sceptically.
No answer.
After a few more tries, we realised it was useless. The spirit had gone. We wanted to start it again, when Pradip started laughing and started calling us a bunch of jokers. I realised that he had played a prank on us.
“What’s the big joke?” cried Nimmi.
“All this is sheer nonsense.” said Pradip “You all thought that it was a spirit that had come and answered your questions but it was a simple thing of my finger pushing the cork to what I had in mind. Don’t worry Nimmi you will pass your exams.” He went into peals of laughter. “You know why I call it useless? I had thought of my mother the whole time we sat goofing here. She is very well back home–alive.”
This was in very bad taste for us believers and we knew we should have left Pradip at home. Disappointed, we broke up for the night and went up to our rooms.

I am an early riser and the next morning I awoke to see Pradip sitting on the terrace with a forlorn look and a pink piece of paper clenched in his hand.
“What happened Pradip?” I asked.
He simply handed me the telegramme.
“MOTHER EXPIRED 11:45PM LAST NIGHT, RETURN SOON – DAD” the telegramme read.

Nimmi passed her examination and yes the monsoons were very good that year.


156 Responses to “A true Story on Planchet”

  1. Abby said

    Very nice information. Thanks for this.

  2. Mistral said

    Yes Spirits Exist…

    • Shivaji Bose said

      You should have mentioned, who was answering your questions?

  3. priyaranjan said

    the story was fine .. is it a real one??.. do spirit exists??

    • dear priyaarjan there are a few things which can be felt like spirits kabhi vo ishare de jaate hain aur kabhi……hum unhe mehsoos nhi kar pate

  4. sonia said

    yes i beleive this was true

  5. mayur said

    no,i think its not true.i mean there is no such thing called ghost, deamons,soul or spirits.its just ur brain,from where these things arrise.we should first experience things and then should start believing in them.

    • veena said

      ive experienced boy!!!!!!!n its nt worth u experiencing….cuz mayb u wont live it out!!!!SO THINK BFR U TALK!!!!GET IT!!!

      • abhishek das said

        exactly a student of engg..obvsly belongs a science background..even i..actually we 6 friends saw a spirit at a building(mess) at daga colony at dumdum..and we still cant believe what we had experienced that n8…it was awesome as well as scary..

  6. Sowmya said

    It was really good, and I was shocked to read the concluding part.

  7. Hey there my friend usually I dont post on many blogs these days, but I would like to let you know that this blog really forced me to do so! Keep up the ace work my friend, I love your post

  8. sandeep said

    It is good see such kind of incedient as I belive in such things and some times these experiment may turn
    bad,I know there is place in south india the planchet is still used and good sprit comes there and answer the question.If it is for good why not we can use it

    • avik said

      do u people think its true ,,,,,,,,,, i never believe

  9. Antwan Beecken said

    NIce 2 read!! Am bookmarkin dis site…

  10. Kaal said

    I think this is a true story. I want to do planchet. What is needed to do this and how can i do this, tell me in detail,

  11. Kaal. said

    I want to do planchet . How can i do this ? Tell me in detail.

  12. khushi said

    liked the story. read many like it. nothing different i wonder whether soties give birth to spirits or is it the other way round. btw, something uncanny is taking place in the baruipur rajbari. nebody would be welcome for giving more info.

    • aryab said

      where s baruipur rajbari/

  13. syed naved ahmad said

    yes its a true story…i believe in plankchet

  14. syed naved ahmad said

    pls dont do plankchet its very risk..sometimes people think plankchet is a game but its not a game..if u know then try or else dont play with ur life..

  15. shrstya said

    Yes this can be true because we also use to do planchet many times
    Sometimes it becomes difficult to send them back.

    • Chandrashekhar said

      Hi, Can u once help me to speak with my father,

      • NATASHA said


    • Smriti said

      Hi, Shrstya, can u help me to do this

    • Karthik Siddhun said

      Hello Shrstya,
      Can you please share the procedure/ method to do planchette? Plz. reach me at

      I really wanted to know, how did you start with and end the session? how did you send back after your session? I have heard that, the spirit even feels pain, to reach out to us for interacting with us. Is that true?
      How was your experience? Is it possible to do with only two members? or do we need 7 members (the whole crowd?) how did you confirm the spirit with whom you are interacting with ? I need really help. I wanted to know about some past events which are known only to my relative who is like my mother. She died due to sudden cardiac arrest. It is now creating problem to our whole family, to know, what went wrong with her, some strange reasons are compelling us to find from her only and in short, I really wanted to know the procedure & method. Pls, help me out.

      Thanks in advance.

  16. akarsh said

    is it true tat ghost exist?

  17. megha p.b. said

    i think this is true.bcoz i hv also such type of experiencent like this bt smthing like this.therefore i believe.

  18. MEGHA B. said

    i feel that this is true.i hv also such type of experience,nt like i believe on it…….spirits are exit.becoz i also done it in my college days………….

  19. I have another true incident which has changed our life completely……..yes spirit exists

  20. Nikhil Mayekar said

    I want to ask that.. what ur next expectation exactly after bluffing in this story?

  21. amitava said

    In our college days we used to do planchet and also succeded and some times failed to concentrate.But the piece of coin was used as centerof concentration.Some times the spirit used to be adament not to leave.
    Its a matter of strong belief among the participants.if one of the participants was casual then lot of time is needed to call one(spirit).Its enjoyable also sometimes.

    • Smriti said

      Hi Amitava, can u help me to do this.

  22. vishavjeet said

    how to do a planchit
    I want to do it
    i love to meat ghost

    • arya said

      dun evr try it ………… its easy to call them but dam hard to send them

  23. Zane said

    yes spirit exists

  24. arya said

    u know sumtimes evn without doin planchit u can actuly call a spirit …. just think about them ……. ive doneit n i am actuly stayin with a spirit with me all the time …

    • kakon said

      good but is it safe?

    • shivang said

      hey arya..
      stop kidding…!! no one here is too dumb to believe your self acclaimed companion – spirit.
      if its so true that you are living with a spirit most of the time.. then i believe you have already reached that so called “OTHER WORLD”.

      anyways.. would you like to share your other methodologies of calling the spirits ??

  25. aryab said

    yeah d story really gave goosebums….it ws good reading….but i wanna know how far is it good to do planchets?i mean is it dangerous?nyways if some1 replies me via mail to the given address i vl b….hoping 4 rplyy soon



  27. ratul said

    very interesting! thanks for d info!

  28. Its an urgent. I want 2 do planchet but my family members are opposing. I need people who has the courage at their hearts and would like to help me. It goes so my brother died on 27.12.2010.He was in class 9.We believe in fortune tellers and no 1 had predicted his death this way.

    • kakon said

      are u real?

      • i have a lot of experience of planchet.also call me no-9435771431.


    • SUDHIJIT said

      my son also died a month back that is on 28 november 2010. noone should disturb the departed soul. my mother who died this year was very well versed with planchets. she had nce called nobel lauret rabindra nath tagore. she used to say not to any planchets becoz if you are not able to concentrate well and that on a noble soul, things may be troubling. somettimes, evil spirits come and they don’t go easily and make one’s life hell. There is danger to life as well. My nana[grandfather] used to do lots of planchet mainly to ask about the legal cases he used to plead. he had a blank round wooden table and in a dark room he used to do the same. when he died, one of his friends organised a planchet session for him. when his soul came, his original voice was heard by none other than my grand mother. my grand father said that he has reached asht lok a superior place. on being asked he mentioned to my grand mother not to worry but worship more and after 3 years there will be salvation. same thing happened , afetr 3 years, my nani came from amarnath and he had some darshan there as she mentioned. she became quite silent. she even suffered for cancer for 3 months and then breatheeed her last. my nana and nani both were very noble souls who did so many social work during gandhiji’s time. DO NOT DO PLANCHET IF YOU CAN NOT CONCENTRATE, MY NANA HAD TOLD THAT HE HAD LOT OF PAIN IN RESURFACING AFTER DEATH……

  29. sharad kadam said


  30. sayani said

    do spirits acually exist???

    • pratika said

      yes.they do.i hv done it almost 50 times

  31. Arnab said

    I love this story. But I dont believe in planchets..

  32. Asif uddin said

    nice story………can anyone tell me the ‘rule of planchet’?

  33. Asif uddin said

    is there any rule of planchet?

  34. shaillesh said

    nice story…spirits exist.

  35. My experience is good, I have last 7 years uses in our own Planchatte chart,and my” HOLY MATAJI”comes to the chart and many people give lots of true answers and all people questions always correct answers and his problems solves. This is true and correct

    • kirat said

      kirat : hey …. i am realy keen to try on planchet… cud u help me?

    • Karthik Siddhun said

      Hello Atul,
      I am also trying to follow your path. I would like to call my holy spirit – Jivdhani mataji, via planchatte. I had already interacted with her via person as medium long back (now, she is out of station, shifted to other location). I do japa on ‘devi maa’ too. Can you help me on how to start with, procedure, method to have interaction via planchatte? Please, email me at , mob: 09223301456. ( I really like to learn from your experience, plz).

  36. akshay said

    even i want to do a planchet can anyone tell the exact process..

  37. Sourav said

    n’t bad… bt spirit r real I feel It…

  38. Amit said

    See the truth is ghost exist . And abt this story i think its true. . For me if there is god there is ghost.

  39. bheemul ashwini said

    it’s a true story i believe in it,whether itis bad or good and by the fact that there are many unliberated soul…..planchet helps to communicate to them…

    • amey said

      i dont believe in ghosts

  40. amey said

    is any1 ready 2 do planchit?

    • Smriti said

      Yes I m

  41. Dollar said

    Hats off to all of u……….n sorry 4 ur mother pradip.

  42. nayan said

    dump………. dnt use your mother for such stupid stories, you better knw why i’m saying this all

  43. yaa..i did it..17/60/2011 at is true….bt i want to soma advise…….PLZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….don’t do this…..never..

    • Smriti said

      May I know what’s the reason? How many person on that planchet?

  44. ambar said

    well,i have never tried it,but really want to try.the story was haunting……..,,,,..,,……………

  45. Aarti said

    is it true dat by doing planchet we can call any spirit and we can ask them anything ?? how can we prepare planchet board ? how many members are required to do this ??

    • Karthik Siddhun said

      you cann’t ask anything to the soul, to whom you are pleasing to respond.
      1. you can call only the known soul or holy spirit/kuldev to whom you pray/offer & worship (or in simple words, you have affection and remember truly).
      2. you can ask only questions on the area, where you believe that, the holy spirit or soul are believed to be knowing it or mastered in it.
      For example, like the above stated story (or real), It might have been a stupid question about cricket match to a soul, who doesn’t even know, like or see cricket matches. If you start stressing the same question, it triggers anger to them. Hence, they stop responding or otherwise, they don’t show interest on receiving your next query.
      3. you should keep in mind, that, you are interacting with invisible medium. so, you have to confirm their name/ birthplace / DOB & the last time you spoke/met (if your relative) or their likings or the time spent with it (you and he/she only know), when you start the session. And once, you get the right answers (Those answers must be known to you only, right?). Then, you can thankfully welcome him/her and ask for help.

      I have heard that, even our holy spirit (to whom we worship, pray), they also feel the pain and sufferings to come down to interact with us. They are really fond of interacting only to beloved, persons, true believer.

      Our each and every action is monitored/ recorded. Our wrong doings are also noted down, but they are mercifully forgiven.

      I want to do planchete, so, I am here. I am not getting a true guidance. Whoever has done, is not able to write properly or very good and comfortable to write in short one/two liners.

      Let me see, who can really help.

  46. koyel sarkar said

    i enjoy the story……

  47. manu said

    bhai ghisa pita kahani chhor rakha hai jo hum bachpan me karte the tum budhape main kar rahe ho

  48. ragini goyel said

    its hard to belive dat its true…anways i lykd it very much… i m so fond of this stuffs bt nvr tried it out… must b a thrilling eperience???

  49. very interesting story, but as far as i know, a spirit cannot be called immediately after the person dies. the spirit of that dead person can be called only after a minimum of 15days of his death….and not after just 5mins of his death…

    • RANJAN MISHRA said


      • Karthik Siddhun said

        I am also interested to know the process/ procedure to begin and end. Is it possible to do only with 2 people?

  50. zab said

    many of the spirits that human use to communicate was satan or ghost that deceive peoples by acting as a true man.They can shape them self whoever they want,even they tell true stories.Many of their stories are false.I deadly believe you cant reach the level that you know the true spirit and satan or ghost spirit.Dont play with them.They will deceive you all.Believe me.Are these spirit can give you a natural and happy life?..they can give you money?.They can give you wealth ?. No at all.So don,t play that bad thing.Use our mind and nature and potential to survive in this earth.Good luck to you all.

    • Karthik Siddhun said

      It is not necessarily to be always satan or ghost, to get ourself to be deceived. We have to ask first few queries (for which the answer should be known only to you and the spirit) to confirm, before beginning the session. It is not question about asking money or future only. It is to know something more about the past events which happened also, which we never got to see or realize for what/why the events happened and causes for it. It is only possible, if we are interacting with well known relative/friend withwhom we lived. (we can ask some queries to that soul, for which the answers are known to you and the soul only.)

  51. sukanya mitra said

    First of all i dnt believe in spirits.But after reading this True story i think there is spirit . I also want to do the planchet can any one help me to do this thing by saying the process of planchet .

    • RANJAN MISHRA said


  52. Its really a good piece of true circumstances put together…& I must say, Indranath’s way of writing it was too good! I could well imagine the whole of the situations just infront of my eyes! It was awesome! Loved it!

    • RANJAN MISHRA said


    • Karthik Siddhun said

      Oh no, whoever reads story books or more text books, can able to draft/narrate properly. I have generally noticed from my colleagues, who reads more story books can able to explain their experience, they use vocabulary and rich formation of sentences. Even while drafting emails, they do write nicely. This is all coming afterall, continuous reading of text/story books/magazines and news papers.

  53. sukanya mitra said

    I will only advice u dont do planchets further it is very risk . And pls don’t play with ur life. I faced like this situation when i was in class 9. I and my tution frnds did planchets we all faced a bad situation that year. Our parents scold us for doing this this . So pls dont do planchts. plsss Reply me……………

    • RANJAN MISHRA said


    • Karthik Siddhun said

      Hello Sukanya,
      I’m sorry for your bad experience. But truly, if we do in a right way, to reach our nearest, dearest soul or Holy Spirit to whom you pray/follow rituals (kuldev), I am sure, our prayers, queries will be answered. I had first time experienced communicating with Holy spirit (who came on another person as a medium) at my home and asked me to bring the copper coins (UK – pounds) which were lying inside my cupboard from 2004 onwards. It was almost no one at my home (or even me, totally forgotten it). She pointed out and asked me, have I not fulfilled your wish on going abroad? I got stunned.

      Now, the person who was medium is shifted to some other location. Hence, I need planchette
      I really wanted to re-communicate with Holy spirit. (like the event, i stated above, such things only me and Holy spirit only know about it, this thing can be framed as a query to confirm the spirit itself, affirmatively, while doing planchette , before starting the real session.)
      How did you do? What is the exact procedure? Is it compulsory to have many members? 2 members are not enough? How much time it takes? How does it feel on our fingers? How do we end the session?

      I am already in a bad situation, I don’t think so, still further, someone will push me to beyond this level. :(. Hence, I need help to start doing planchette.

  54. TARUN RANJAN said

    I realy do believe in spirts………..i want to do planchet, can anyone help me doing this.i want to know the rules, how it is done……..plzzzzzzz someone help me…….. TARUN RANJAN…..

  55. Zaba Da said

    ghost always tell lies stories,even they tell some true.beware of them.

  56. Devanshu Pathak said

    plz tell me how can i get the plainchit board…!
    some spirits are trying to contact me but it is all going in vain…!
    plz help me…!

    • pinki bhakat said

      its very simple just take a board write all the alphabets and numbers from 0 to 9 and write yes and no diagonally and make a circle to keep the coin in between.
      your plan chet is ready

  57. pinki bhakat said

    i have experienced it because i have also done….. it’s an amazing experience…

    • Smriti said

      Plz. guide me properly. Want to do that.

    • Smriti said

      I mean, how many people reqd., what ‘ll b the atmosphere? Can it do at day time or evening time?

    • Karthik Siddhun said

      Can you share your amazing experience? How did you start with? To whom you interacted? Is it holy spirit (to whom you pray/worship or dear/near soul who passed away?
      How does you feel while doing it? How do you start and end the session? How much time it takes for starting it (or receiving the response)?
      I don’t think so, it has to be done only in night time (as many are stating on their writings), did you do on daytime (morning, afternoon hrs?) ?

  58. shashank said

    fuck off yaarrrrr…………bullshitttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  59. sona datta said

    I believe spirit exists .I really like to experience the same what you had have please guide me.

  60. uzma said

    is this really true?????………………..i don’t believ

  61. do spirits really exist???

  62. if anyone wana know how to do real planchet …..wall me in fb

  63. pooja said

    is planchet really work i want to talk to my father soul he was died on 10th july 2011. iwant ask something. can anybody help me i dont know how to do this. my id

    • Subhankar said

      i’m also want to do this.. my father died on 10th January 2011

  64. kirat said

    @ atul gandhi… i also want to know stuff from ur planchet… cud u help me

  65. kirat said

    @atul gandhi… i also want to know stuff from ur planchet… cud u help me?

  66. subhro bhattacharya said

    its true,, i have done it in my school days many times. But i dont really believe in ghosts neither i have seen ever in my life. We have done planchet many times.

    • shivang said

      but when u have done it many times den u must have certainly encountrd the spirits.. ryt ??

    • Karthik Siddhun said

      It is believed that there are 80,000 holy spirits present around us. Every Holy spirit is called by nick and reasonable names with background stories. Every day & night, we , humans are praying, worshipping with lots of devotion. Have you ever thought of hearing back from any one of them, what do they say? It is a very good experience and I was astonished when I heard one of the holyspirit explained the pain which she feels when she takes up the sufferings on her from her devotees.

      Listen carefully, whatever you offer, you say, you behave are all obsorbed by god, goddesses (holy spirits). They are all powerful, but certainly, I believe, and realized that they do have got some limitations.
      Leaving them, Why do you think about ghost?

  67. Koustuv Ghosh said

    Cool.I was looking for this type of information and I would want to know other experiences if u had.

  68. pavan bule said

    plese send me the exact process of planchet. how to draw and what is exact time to play panchet.

    • shivang said

      even i want to try it..
      i have never done it b4 but m vry intrstd in doing it..
      pls help me

  69. nabeela khanam said

    all this is true and it will happened!

  70. Brojen said

    some doors needs to be always closed………………if they are attempted to open many bad dreams come true…………..don’t play with ur lyfs…………..its all vry dangerous………

  71. vishal jadhav said

    this was a real scary part…

  72. vishal jadhav said

    this was a real scary part…i was tryin’ for it with my frnds but there ws no expert in us to get worked out by it, one of my frnd ws having the whole trick…bt won,t try b?coz of fear nd by hearing this i m really scared nd i won’t do it in my entire life..

  73. shivang said

    does that mean if we concentrate on a living person, s/he will die …??

  74. Kiren said

    I can roll with that

  75. neharikha choudhury said

    Sorry for spoiling your moods.
    can u precisely tell me the era in which this incident happened, when telegrammes conveyed such information and not mobile phones or landlines, when there is TV to watch matches.
    You have a flat in seven-floored apartment, which was also in the same era.
    Your story has drastic flaws, one cannot overlook.
    I believe in the existence of spirits but not in framing stories about them.
    AND people please open your eyes . how can you be fooled?

    • Karthik Siddhun said

      Hi Neharikha,

      Exactly, these are the same questions came into my mind, while reading it. Apparently, the whole story is tailored so much as if it happened in live , but with contradictions on telegramme, week house timepasses!, It is missed out on when, which period, it all happened, if it was a true event or even just a story to buildup around planchatee ?

      I skipped most of the overly explanations, while reading it and the main attraction was only the last few para on Planchete works, even that was also not properly explained. hence, so many members are questioning about it or sharing about their experiences here.

      Karthik Siddhun

  76. A Chak said

    I want to learn and practice

  77. chandra.G said

    Its nice story. believe in spirits. have tried once but no spirits come. Planchet was prepared by me.

    Does we have to do it daily at regular time to attract the spirits.


  78. Hey very cool web site!! Man .. Excellent .. Amazing .. I’ll bookmark your web site and take the feeds also…I’m happy to find numerous useful information here in the post, we need develop more strategies in this regard, thanks for sharing. . . . . .

  79. Mezzanine said

    My brother recommended I might like this blog. He was entirely right. This post actually made my day. You can not imagine simply how much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

  80. Ishu Raj said

    Believe it or not but spirits do exists… Even i had experienced. We all know in this modern era its hard to believe and it will defiantly sounds like a bullshit but its TRUE…

    • Smriti said

      Hi Ishu, u say dt u had experienced. Plz. describe.

    • Karthik Siddhun said

      Ishu Raj, Have you done planchatte ?

  81. Hey sry to knw abt ur actually really the planchit works…”

  82. sanjoy saha said

    i think it is not true real story…………….

  83. raj said

    this is fully bakwas. i dont believe

  84. Anamika Vyas said

    i know spirits do exist.. i want to do planchette once to know what had went wrong in my family for which we r sufferin dis day.. i want how to do this? what is da procedure fo doin planchet? n how many members can do dis? and which spirit should b called??
    If you answered me these questions i would b very helpful to yu..

    • Karthik Siddhun said

      Hi Anamika,

      I am also looking for procedure and method, to do planchette for the same reason what you have stated., My whole family is suffering (particularly me, my sister) for past several yrs, I really wanted to know the reason. When I was digging for real reason, I do got some findings, many of them are similar reasons provided ,but with no resolutions. I have to find a resolution or result or a wayout from the sufferings.

      Please help me sharing the procedure/ method, if you do get from someone, via email

      Thanks in advance.

  85. Vedansh said

    Hmm.. Sounds cool..
    I wnt 2 do planchet..wnt some daring guys.. Its nt bout fun.. I have lost many f my costly thngs.. I wnt dem back.. Lemme kno f any f you s intrstd..

  86. Chandrashekhar said

    can anybody help me to spek with my father once throygh planchet.

    • Biswajit Halder said

      yes i can help u…contac me 8013835678

      • Karthik Siddhun said

        Please, Biswajit, I too need your help. I wanted to speak with my close relative (almost like my mother) for some reasons, who died due to sudden cardiac arrest. my no. 09223301456

      • jita said

        Hi, I am interested to know the procedure of the planchat, whether it is risk or dangerous? I am querious.I lost my mom three years back and everytime I need to talk with her. Can anyone help me to do the planchat with short process also how many people needs to do. Jita

  87. does that mean if we concentrate on a living person, s/he will die …?

    • Smriti said

      I also want to know this.

  88. sayalee said

    actly i wantd to knw hw xctly it is don as i wan try it onc …..? cn anbdy help me in it plzzzzzzzzz………

  89. Kirthidharan said

    this was the best story i hav ever read. …..
    I love it. .. it was the most horrifying and interesting..
    Kirtidharan, Sourabh, Akshay…….

  90. Ashish said

    Hi All,
    I have lost a very dear friend of mine who was 32 years of age,in a very strange accident. He has left behind wife and son and daughter of 5 and 2 years respectively. I need to know the cause of his death. Can any one help? I can be contacted on

    I want to talk to my friend either which way..may be planchet if it is sure shot method. I beg…please help.

  91. Juhi said

    My daughter who was 12 years old committed suicide 4 months back. Pls tell me if Planchet is really true I want to ask my daughter why she killed herself.

  92. golder said

    u’ve done a mistake u have called ur mom when c was alive if u do so d alive body let goes d soul…

    • Smriti said

      Do u have any practical experience? Or is this realy possible to call any living person by planchet?

  93. Tanmay das said

    My lover passed away on last sunday in dengu.i want to know her original death reason?

    • supriya said

      is it true

  94. yes i do believe

  95. yes i do believe in spirits bcoz my ownself with my aunt and cousins i have done it many times
    and i have participated in planchet there are really adverse effect of planchet

    • yes i do believe in spirits bcoz my ownself with my aunt and cousins i have done it many times
      and i have participated in planchet there are really adverse effect of planchet

  96. I believe in occult science. Please mention the procedure in details for PLANCHET… My mail id is

    Dr. Chirayu Jaiswal
    (Hypnotist & Mind Trainer)

  97. Shivaji Bose said

    Let the soul rest in peace,dont disturb.

  98. Smriti said

    Hello readers,

    It’s my humble request to everyone that please help me to gather the knowledge about planche. The process, minimum members, timing, atmosphere, average duration, protection & all….

    Waiting for reply

  99. PARTHA MITRA said

    i still cant belive, if anyone cn give proof then pls contact me @9874826000

  100. Jojo said


  101. raj patil said

    sir i want to learn and practice my mobail no is 09742398116

  102. Karthik Siddhun said

    I am also very much interested to do planchet, and like to call my holy spirit to whom I pray, devi-maa. Is it compulsory to do only with 7 or more people? Is it not possible to do only with 2 people? I need some more details like,
    1. How do we feel on our fingers, which are kept on the coin? (people who do it never explain it properly)
    2. How do we end/close the session?
    3. How much time period it takes on an average to start the interaction?

    Karthik Siddhun

  103. Debasish said

    If u r early riser.u must b awake up inbetween 5 to 6 am or before on that “next morning.” is it possible to reach the telegram withn that early morning on that remote places.your last line of this story tell the it right boss?

  104. roppss said

    aand kha li

  105. Abhijit said

    Hum planchet karna chata hu…plz mujhe batao..humara bahut din ka swapna…i caught ghost my hand…

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