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World War 3

World War 3 end of the world predictions

Your use of the title “The United States of World” is the most appropriate… One could use to address the world after the World War 3! I shall explain in detail, why?

World War 3 predictions: World war 3 shall be the last war of this era. There is nothing beyond World War 3 to look forward to. World war 3 has been aptly titled as the last war of the era for the society as we know today shall crumble and collapse after the devastating World War 3. World War Three shall be a war of Dharma (uprightness)… it shall be a fight to the finish between two fanatic communities of the world. The Christians and followers of Islamic Dharma.

In Christianity… it is stated that Jesus Christ is the son of God… and John Pope Paul is the direct representative of Jesus Christ, the son of God. We all know to become a John Pope Paul … many murders get committed (numerous books, magazines, articles on internet and blogs are a living testimony to the actual happenings in the world of vatican). Is that how a representative of son of God (Jesus Christ) gets nominated!

Can we expect such a one to uphold the spiritual and moral values, the cosmic wisdom, the eternal Jnana… the wisdom contained in Bible! It is for intelligentsia of the world to come to a conclusion in consonance with the small sweet inner voice of our soul atman within. I am not convinced of the fact that any of the man gods like Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammed, Buddha and Mahavira advocated sinners (committers of sin) to get elected to the post of the Pope … the highest religious authority for the Christians on Mother Earth.

To continue believing such an authority is to belie the truth in its entirety… those who faith in the system of Pope mislead themselves in the name of God. The throne of Vatican City is mired with blood … blood of the innocent priests whose murders were committed by those in power.

How can one… continue believing in the existence of Pope and his power unless I am not prone to reason… probably this is the reason why Americans decided it was in their best interests to attack Iraq in the name of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). The weapons of mass destruction never existed in Iraq as was confirmed by the head of the committee appointed by the United Nations. In spite of this fact USA went ahead along with UK and attacked the sovereignty of Iraq.

Initially, Iraq did perpetrate a crime by forcible occupation of Kuwait but it was immediately punished by USA even though United Nations declined for a unilateral attack by USA.

Why the second attack! What gains USA looks forward to?. Is it to pilfer the riches of Iraq in the name of “weapons of mass destruction”. The wealth of Iraq is oil. USA has blocked all attempts by Iraq to sell its oil for last 10 years or more, crumbling its total economy.

In the present war USA continued forcible occupation of Iraq in the guise of maintaining law and order world-wide. Can such actions of United States of America nip terrorism at its roots? What justice can one expect from an international bully… the so-called power number one of the world!

USA is a democratic setup with a population of about 350 million people. India, the largest democracy of the world has a population exceeding 1000 million… yet it is the most revered country of the world. It never tries to force itself on its neighbors. The existence of India on Mother Earth is like the presence of the heart in the body… none can do without the other.

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Lord Krishna, the Avatar came from India. And so did Gautama Buddha, Mahavira and a host of other god realized souls. Prophet Mohammed belongs to the region that was under the occupation of India… the borders of India once extended far-flung upto the Arabia (Persia)!

Jesus Christ also gained pearls of wisdom when he traveled to India when 13 years of age. Jesus Christ visited the world-famous centers of spiritual learning … Nalanda and Taxila universities, that lay in the present Bihar state of India and Pakistan. All the spiritual learning… the wisdom contained in the Cosmos… spread world-wide from Hindustan (India). What significance can we attach to USA … a country that always plays double standard!

It was USA that had committed to Michael Gorbachev of the erstwhile USSR… a promise of $4 billion provided USSR stopped pursuing the path of nuclear proliferation. Michael Gorbachev was very intelligent person of his time… even his countrymen failed to follow what he wanted to preach and practice. He simply desired his countrymen practising patience… he knew it would take a minimum of three to five years for the communism to end. Only then the rise of perestroika… a free system of enterprise was possible!

People could not follow his simple dictates… he was removed from power. America backed out of its promise and refused to part with dollar 4 billion promised to Michael Gorbachev.

It was nothing less than hitting a country hard on the back… people of erstwhile USSR failed to realize that Michael Gorbachev was not at fault, it was the fault and failure of USA in providing promised funds in time. There never had been any intention to pay the funds to USSR… it was a gimmick by USA… a lure… a honey trap for which Michael Gorbachev paid dearly. Michael Gorbachev in the first instance should never have trusted USA.

USA openly stabbed USSR in the back by not providing the promised $4 billion. In the absence of the funds… erstwhile USSR ultimately crumbled. Most states did not accept the sovereignty of Russia (the largest state representative of the erstwhile USSR)… becoming independent in the process. Probably that was what USA was after!
In the circumstances … how can USA expect people world-wide to trust them. USA has a strong ally in Israel… something, that is deeply resented by the Middle East countries. No matter what USA cannot come out of its commitment to Israel. Israel also to some extent is a bully… it’s bullish nature owes its existence to the fact that it is surrounded from all sides by Middle East countries… the followers of Islamic Dharma.

Israel knows… if it does not act tough… it will be annihilated. To maintain its supremacy in the region… it always makes hue and cry over petty issues every now and then. The sustenance of Israel is based on the fact that it has to keep its border countries weaker than its own might. It has till date succeeded in its attempt primarily because of the support it receives from USA.

After the attack of USA by Osama bin laden… the citizens of USA are a scared lot! They may or may not accept the fact owing to their egoist tendencies… yet, as destiny has its way… USA, the might of the superpower number one of the world will collapse one-day. It shall have to fight the might of the Middle East (all countries… the followers of Islamic Dharma). The friendship of USA… the influence of USA over Pakistan would not much help as USA deliberately fails to ignore that every incidence that occurs in USA… every terrorist act that has its goal in USA is directly planned in Pakistan.

Pakistan on the surface (a spoilt child of USA) supports it but internally with the help of Iran and China is planning the greatest mishap of all times… attack of USA using nuclear arsenal, toxic gases and what not! If USA is not prone to reason … it is their failure… let them all go to dogs (the biggest ignorants of the present era)!

The countrymen of USA have elected George Bush as its president. George Bush is considered by most Americans as the most ignorant of all presidents to-date. If he commits a folly all are bound to suffer for they have elected the wrong president. Both are bound to suffer… both are not prone to reason. They have the ego … the bloated ego of superpower number one! Osama bin laden is only part of the terrorist network… the kingpin of which is Pakistan.

How long shall USA be blind to the actual facts that had been put forward by Hindustan (spiritual India) to USA. India and China with population of about one billion each will be mere spectators in World War 3… the Christianity and followers of Islamic Dharma in the name of Jesus and Allah will annihilate themselves without a logic or rhyme.

In the Bible… the pages after year 2000 are blank. Bible clearly expresses indirectly that Christianity would be almost wiped out in the aftermath of World War 3. In Koran also the pages after year 2000 are blank… As is stated by many Muslims (Islamic scholars) world-wide that the sovereignty of Islamic Dharma will come to an end after the year 2000.

What it indicates… If India (beloved Hindustan) is going to survive the aftermath of the World War Three… Is democracy best practiced in India. Had it not been so… in a war of Dharma (War of justice)… India too should have faced the fury of the world war 3. But it shall not be so… the people of India by and large do not preach what they do not practice. Some Indians practice double standards in commercial dealings… but when it comes to pure Spirituality… the source is without a taint!

Bhagavan Kalki, an Avatar (god almighty manifest in human form) with powers almost equivalent of Lord Krishna is shortly awaited… this son of India will establish the golden era after the completion of the World War Three. The end of the metallic age (aka Kali Yuga in Hinduism) is near… for how long can the society sustain without ethical practices in vogue… deceit in day-to-day affairs of life has become the order of the day.
The partisan supporting of the activities of the USA by UK is self explanatory… If USA suffers at the hands of followers of Islamic Dharma… so shall all the countries of Europe who have blindly supported USA in its total unethical maneuvers of the past. UK also would fail to contain terrorism, as terrorists’ strikes in UK would be with vengeance.

UK ruled India for above 200 years without a cause… the slavery it practiced in India would now come full circle… resulting in almost total annihilation of UK. What we sow shall we reap one-day… nothing less or more. UK illegally ruled India for a really long time. Indians practiced patience and survived. In the system of God they shall now reap the fruits of their labor… India will likely become superpower number one after World War Three.

Bhagwan Kalki, the Avatar of the modern era shall see to it that India regains its lost glory. It is not something unexpected… you ask an American nowadays and he shall unhesitatingly express the spiritual might of India. The supremacy of Indians in the field of computers and allied sciences is already proved world-wide. It is but with passage of time India shall prove its worth.
How is it possible for me to envisage all that is written above… having Realized God in 1993, I requested God Almighty for giving me a glimpse of the shape of the world to come. God Almighty desired me to go to the frequency of Nostradamus and invoke from there the might of the teachings of Nostradamus. I had only to extrapolate what Nostradamus had written about 450 years ago.

While remaining on the frequency of Nostradamus… I was able to invoke the same thoughts that could be invoked by Nostradamus… and in that vision I saw the coming of World War Three and Bhagavan Kalki (the saviour).

It is not that being and born in India I have written in favor of India… For me all faiths and teachings are one… Having realized god I cannot differentiate between Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus Christ or prophet Mohammed. They all strived for the same goal… their ways and paths being different. Whatever is contained in Buddhist Scriptures, Jaina doctrines, Bible and the Koran are also contained in the sacred Bhagavad Gita… the wisdom given to the earthly community by Lord Krishna through Arjuna.

There is nothing beyond Bhagavad Gita worth knowing in whole cosmos. It contains the essence of all sacred Scriptures existing on Mother Earth. Bhagavad Gita is the only document, which is complete all by itself. None who truly proceeds on the path of spirituality can deny the efficacy of Bhagavad Gita.

It is expected that 1200 million people would perish world-wide in World War 3. Almost 20% of the world population wiped out… the establishing of an ethical society cannot be ruled out. The advent of Bhagwan Kalki (a saviour) is an indication of this. In earlier times Lord Krishna incarnated when anarchy was in its zenith… Now we await the coming of Bhagavan Kalki… the Avatar of the modern era!

World War three theory

What is it that disturbs you… the looming World War Three situations… the hope of Nostradamus Predictions coming true or how your destiny would shape in the coming future!

Whatever be the result of World War Three (most likely to happen the day USA decides to confront Iran arbitrarily and Unilaterally)… None would remain unscathed during and after world War three. Direct or indirect each one of us living on Mother Earth would be affected. However if Irans’ involvement in terrorist activities is confirmed, USA or any country has every right to secure its sovereign integrity and adopt corrective measures so that people world-wide do not suffer.

If USA attacks Iran unilaterally against the established norms of society (even though its direct involvement in terrorism world wide is ruled out) then it would be prudent on part of Iran to counter such motives. If a country decides to go nuclear now or in future… is it not the birth right of every civilized nation of the world to take its decisions! USA or the allies are least supposed to meddle in the affairs of other nations.

The Big Brother USA is feeling the heat. It wants to jeopardize the economy of most nations of the world. Who does not want to improve its economy… but doing it at the expense of others is wrong! USA is doing exactly that. Hoping to establish our house on the ruins of our neighbors’ is wishful thinking.

USA was successful in destabilizing erstwhile USSR. Afghanistan lies in ruins… Taliban is not completely destroyed! Iraq is totally ruined… it would take decades to build it back. To bask in the glory of profit earned while Kuwait was burning… USA definitely earned laurels for itself (good or bad). To think of policing the whole world in the present democratic age is not to be… no civilised nation would ever accept it.

USA has since long practiced unethical means at every forum across the world. This probably led USA to believe that it can bully any nation of the world. USA is wrong. Its efforts to curtail the doings of nations further will never succeed. God Almighty always takes care of such situations.

As Canada would not be directly involved in World War Three… there is nothing much to fear about. What one needs to take care is how your government deals with the situation. If it merely acts as a slave to the US government… the situation can be critical. Only those countries who ally themselves with the US would suffer the brunt of World War Three.

As per Nostradamus… World War Three would be fought between Christianity and Islam Dharma. Both religions are fanatic in nature. Both shall drown in the history of world as practitioners of brutality in the name of God. For practicing dictatorship one need not seek permission of the other.

Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan usurped the power. So did the Burmese rulers. The uninhibited rapport Pakistan and its ruler Pervez Musharraf enjoys with USA resulted in terrorists world-wide making Pakistan their home base. The superpower number one of the world is not prone to reason. In every act of theirs they want to dictate.

Now time has come for followers of Dharma (uprightness) to make merry. It shall be the beginning of “the end of followers of unethical practices”. Such an onslaught is permitted by God Almighty. The long lost Dharma shall regain its footing. This can neither be achieved by the Antichrist or a true representative of Jesus Christ.

Such an event can only be managed by Bhagwan Kalki… an Avatar of the present era (God Almighty manifest in human form). Such a one is much above the level of man gods like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed.
As a citizen of any country… one must never fear the impending danger ahead… the looming shadow of world War three! To fear the unknown… and remaining hidden in the countryside is not the issue. If one is truthful to self, go ahead in life and do that suits us best. It is our karma that decides the fate. If the sweet small inner voice of your soul atman coming from within your heart indicates that you must leave for the countryside… do just that!

Never avoid listening to this sweet small inner voice of your soul atman. This voice of your soul atman never leads towards the wrong path. It is when one is dictated by this sweet small inner voice of the soul atman within that we see the likes of Albert Einstein and Bill Gates taking charge. We have nothing to fear in life. Bhagwan Kalki… the Avatar would also be a fearless person.

Become a part of the cleansing process that shall accompany World War Three. Face life head-on! Whatever be the condition of your health… do thy best in the circumstances. The highest form of manifest life on Mother Earth… Human being was never born meek!


13 Responses to “World War 3”

  1. Prakash Nath said

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  2. Ryan Pistana said

    This is the best information blog i hav ever visited, this is simply amazing. Sibasish well done. The qaulity of the posts on this site is also simply amazing . Keep it up.

    • Daniel Terry said

      But this is like useless propaganda and there is already a war and it wont be nuclear and america could end it before it even started. And Russia isnt allies with iran and the other middle east countries they go with the country that agrees with their government and beliefs the most, and guess what ………….. That would be America so screw your propaganda -_-

  3. Korean kim said

    *twitch* *twitch*

    I happened to stumble upon this blog, and I really am quite surpirsed by eveeything you put in here. However, I do agree with you on some points:

    1) The US has continually attacked and taken advantages of other nations.
    2) The US has risen to a peak of its power.
    3) Some really big war is going to happen there is 0% chance that WW3 will be without the US.
    4) the war will most likely be based on religion and/or greed.

    But, I do not exactly understand some of the other theories you had on world war three, on how countries allied with the US would suffer the most. Could you clarify? thanks. πŸ™‚

  4. emily said

    Love reading this site, I usually learn something new stuff.
    Emily Randall from Husky Training

  5. richard tedd said

    i think you over estimate american support in your map colours, india would join china, russia and brazil, america would have one middle eastern country in lts favour israil, the other middle eastern leaders that would want to side with america would be to busy trying to hard to stop there own people from over throwing them becuse they are all aware of american evil. europe, australia and even the united kingdom would side with the rest of the world in fighting america, because america will lose and maybe even get invaded to protect the world once and for all, this war may be closer then we think, sarah palin is the one who would be crazy enough to see any logic in world war three, i actually think that if she is stopped from her future actions, she will be assinated by her own kind, knowing that america cannot win a world war 3, most of the world are to the left, china, russia, south america, europe, america is the still the richest country in the world and they still dont even give there poorest children free health care.

    • farang said

      The UK always has and always will control the US. Perfect diversion for the royal families dirty work.

  6. Kunal said

    World War 3 Sibasish Foundation… is a great blog post. I enjoyed reading this article. If you like, please visit my own web-site.

  7. Rakesh Rawat said

    i thing the indian is not intresting thrird world war india is a cool countury the is my reply

    • aroon said

      yes buddy

  8. Daniel Terry said

    Russia would not side with the middle eastern countries. No of them are its allies and america is the closet country to there beliefs so do some research before you say something about the motherland. And also not every country will be in it and i doubt a ww3 would happen. The middle east is already fighting and technically at war and also why would anyone else get involved especially if they are not allies. So do a little more research next time.

    • farang said

      Exactly what facts have you stated here that you have “researched”? A news broadcast last week doesn’t count.

  9. Sibasish .. outrageous and interesting read … However being an Indian I must say that when u post the world map, then make sure that India’s complete geographical area is marked properly.. ie we consider Askai Chin (China) and POK (Pak.) as inseperable parts of India… can this be a latent gunpowder for our cause of taking part in WW3 .. dunno ’bout that. But in ur map .. the reds are mostly the developing countries and blues are mostly developed (barring apart some like India) ..So this clearly shows that this arrangement for WW3 is not feasable as the Blues are mostly the aid suppliers, arms suppliers and markets of the blues and also the blues combined are also selfsufficient in Crude oil resources/ alternative energy resources. All the blues need to do is exert all kinds of sanctions and trade embargos on reds, deprive them of sophesticated arms, add to it a massive cyber war inwhich blues are expert .. you begin to get the picture .. The blues can punch the reds in the tummy straightaway turning their WW3 warcry to farts of regrets.. and it doesnt seem right that all the countries will particiate in WW3.. it didn’t happen in WW1 or WW2 either ..

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