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Aarushi Talwar Murder Case>>>Read Details

Aarushi Talwar Murder Case


The Noida double murder case, in which 14-year-old Aarushi Talwar and her domestic help Hemraj died last month, has caught the nation’s attention.

Every evening for the last month Ajay Chandra has been hooked on to news channels for updates on the Noida double murder case, which killed 14-year-old Aarushi and domestic help, Hemraj.




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What Ajay misses on TV, he tries to get from the newspapers, even when his friends visit there’s been only one topic of conversation for sometime now.

”I’ve been really curious ever since this case started so I’ve started watching news more often than I used to,” said Ajay.

Miles away from Delhi in Madurai down south, Georgina, a college student is always looking for latest updates on the case.

She said, ”Though this happened in Delhi. I am really interested in the outcome. Who is the killer? What happened?”

Everyone seems anxious to know what is happening and are hope the culprit is caught soon.

First there was the character assassination of the girl that gained sympathy. Then all the theories about the father that are not even seen in serials grabbed everyone’s interest.

In an interesting statistic on May 23, when Aarush’s father, Dr Rajesh Talwar was arrested, ratings on news channels shot up to more than the IPL match between Mohali and Hyderabad.

Not surprisingly, even a month after the murders the smallest update in the investigation continues to make headlines and the audience is still hooked on.

”The nature of the case. It has something for everyone, caters to every strata of society,” said Sevanti Ninan, media critic.

Many say it could also be the way the case has been covered in the national media, almost exaggerating every twist and turn.

”This is the way it is done in the west which has a longer history of television and TV news. Crime coverage is always tabloidish to get the eyeballs,” said Sevanti.

Even Mumbai’s entertainment industry reacted predictably by announcing a new serial and a film on Aarushi’s murder.

But there are some who say they have had enough now on the case. But these voices are drowned in the overwhelming media coverage.

But for many, the desire to solve the mystery is so intense that the CBI, which is handling the case gets hundreds of calls everyday.

An 80-year old man called the CBI soon after they took over and told them how to go about investigating the case and who to question.

A Muscat resident called the CBI with his own theory – that Hemraj sedated the Talwar family and then himself got killed after a fight with his associates

After a month, the investigators may not have all the answers yet but solving the ”whodunnit” seems to have become a national obsession.

A new twist


IN AN interesting twist to the Noida murder case of 14-year-old Aarushi Talwar, Brij Lal, additional director general of police (ADGP), law and order, crime, and special task, Uttar Pradesh, said on May 21 that the way Aarushi’s throat was slit showed that the killing was executed by an expert hand, probably of a doctor or a butcher. Aarushi was found murdered in her bedroom under highly mysterious condition at her residence on May 16 morning, around 6.30 am, with her throat slit. Her parents, Dr Rajesh Talwar and Dr Nupur Talwar, are both dentist at Fortis hospital, Noida.

Initially, police suspected Talwar’s domestic help Hemraj, who was found missing after her murder. However, the mystery deepened when Hemraj’s dead body being found by a retired officer on May 17 on the terrace of Talwar’s residence when the officer had gone to offer condolences to the bereaved family. The police then questioned Aarushi’s parents and family about the people who visited them.

Interrogation of Hemraj’s son-in-law, Jeevan, and a close scrutiny of his mobile phone lead to the suspicion of Talwar’s former clinic help, Vishnu Thapa, who was found to be missing since the murder. Apparently, Thapa had gone to his native village last year and the Talwars hired Hemraj. When Thapa returned, Hemraj said that he would not quit and Talwars too didn’t show any inclination to reinstate him. It is believed that Thapa felt cheated and wanted to take revenge.

The people are getting furious with the UP police’s failure to collect any concrete evidence, which would lead to the real killer. Forensic report of Aarushi’s dead body ruled out possibility of any sexual assault prior to her death.

Reports in newspapers said that the way Aarushi’s throat was slit showed that it could be an expert-hand, probably that of a doctor or a butcher. Moreover, forensic experts have pointed out stark contradictions in the post mortem report of Aarushi with regard to the time of death and specifics like status of food found in her intestines. The police believe that the killers were present in Talwar’s house or somewhere in close vicinity even after her murder came to light on Friday morning, which has been proved from the call details of Hemraj’s phone.

Meanwhile, UP police detained one of Aarushi schoolmate on May 21 (Wednesday) for interrogation after police went through the call records of Aarushi’s mobile and found that the duo have spoken over 700 times in the past one month. Sources said that the boy revealed some startling facts to the police during questioning, which could give a new lease to the case. The Noida police then interrogated Aarushi’s parents for over three hours at their home after the boy’s statement.

Amidst all these, many questions, however, remain unanswered – Why was Aarushi killed? What was the motive behind her murder, if robbery and sexual assault have been ruled out? Were Aarushi and Hemraj killed by same killer?

IG reveals modus operandi, motive


MODUS OPERANDI used by Dr Rajesh Talwar to kill his daughter and the family servant has come out in the open. Uttar Pradesh police revealed that the killing was done in a planned manner by Dr Talwar, who later tried to mislead the police by pointing the suspicion towards Hemraj, the domestic help.

The reason behind the killing is said to be the illicit relations of Dr Talwar with a number of women, and Anita Durrani in particular, who shared the clinic space with the dentist. Aarushi is said to have confronted her father after coming to know about this relationship.

In another twist, it is being said that Aarushi too had developed intimate relations with Hemraj and this was equally detested by her father.

Inspector general of police, Meerut zone, Gurudarshan Singh told in a press conference that both Aarushi and Hemraj were murdered on May 16, around 1 o’clock in the night. The police, he said, reached the scene of crime after they received the information about the incident.

The police official said that the accused will be produced in the court and police will ask for his remand to trace out the weapons used in twin murder. However, not much was revealed about the involvement of Aarushi’s mother Dr Nupur Talwar in the murder case.

Singh, however, confirmed that the Dr Nupur was present in the bedroom, when the girl was killed. Hemraj was taken to the terrace, after being intoxicated with liquour laced with sedatives.

Singh told that Dr Talwar used histrionics to divert the police attention towards his domestic help, Hemraj, whom he mentioned as the prime suspect in her daughter’s killing. He also told the police to leave the house and search for Hemraj as he was missing after committing the crime,he revealed. The mattress, which was lying in the room was placed on the terrace after the body was sent for post-mortem. It was placed on the terrace by using the neighbour’s door, the IG stated.

To ensure that no one could see Hemraj’s body, a cover was put on the body after removing it from the cooler. It was also revealed that the domestic help was killed first and the girl was killed after that in the middle of the night.

Since, Hemraj’s body was decomposing on the terrace, no one was allowed to be on the roof.

“Also Hemraj’s room had two doors, and no murderer who comes from outside will lock the main door,” Singh stated.

Aarushi Talwar’s parent arrested in murder case

AN OFFICER of the Uttar Pradesh police turned out to be prophetic today, after the Noida police arrested the parents of 14-year-old Aarushi Talwar in connection with the murder of their daughter. The senior UP police cop had said on Wednesday that the killing was the handiwork of either a doctor or a butcher.

Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar, both doctors, have been arrested and detained respectively by the Special Task Force, which is investigating the case. It is being believed that the role of the parents came under scanner after they gave conflicting statements to the police.

A colleague of Rajesh Talwar has also been arrested and she has been identified as Anita Durrani. 14-year-old Aarushi was found murdered on May 15 by her parents at their residence. The next day their domestic help was found dead on the roof of the house.

The arrest of Rajesh Talwar and his wife, both of whom are doctors has confirmed what the police suspected all along that the girl was killed by a trained hand, who could either be a doctor or a butcher. And the same was said by a senior UP cop on Wednesday, when he asserted that the killing could be the handiwork of a doctor or a butcher.

This statement of the official had sent the tongues wagging and brought the Talwar family under intense media scrutiny. The Noida police will hold a press conference in the murder case at 4pm.

Dr Nupur Talwar, Aarushi’s mother spoke exclusively to NDTV on the tragic incident


NDTV: Nupur, this must be a very tragic time for you – your daughter is dead and your husband is in judicial custody. We understand you would not talk about the details of the case, but tell us your story.

Dr Nupur Talwar: All I can say is my life has come to an end. Aarushi and Rajesh were my life. I lost Aarushi eight days ago who was murdered in a brutal way. Rajesh doted on his daughter. It couldn’t be the way they are suggesting this. This is totally untrue.

We were such a nice family. I always used to think I must have done something good in my last life to get such a nice family. We had so many plans for her. We were planning a holiday. We were about to celebrate her birthday. Rajesh told Aarushi to call as many friends, even if it were to become expensive. I don’t know what to say. I have faith in the legal system. More than that, I have faith in God. I hope justice is done.

NDTV: You have described your beautiful family. We have heard all the versions — that he could have done it in a fit of rage. Rajesh, as you knew him, could he do something like that?

Dr Nupur Talwar: Rajesh never uttered a word to her. If he had to, he used to tell me, tell her this tell her that. He used to tell me why do you get annoyed at her if she is not studying today, let her not, she will study tomorrow. I know Rajesh, his patience. Lots of people know him. He was one of the most gentle souls ever. It’s not possible. It’s unimaginable.

NDTV: So you will back him completely?

Dr Nupur Talwar: Completely, till the last minute. It is not possible. There is somebody else for sure. I hope the person is caught and justice is done.

NDTV: When you hear all the rumours and speculations, what do you have to say?

Dr Nupur Talwar: Sonia, I was there with Arushi. I was the one who got her home. We were together. We had dinner as a family. We watched television and then we went to sleep. We had to go to work the next day, Aarushi had school. We just had to sleep and that was the end of the day. I was there, but what is there to say about this.

I was living in that house, I was sleeping next to Rajesh. It is just impossible. Do you think that any mother could sit through the house or sleep in the night and not be aware of such a thing, if her husband were to do it. It is beyond any body’s imagination. Can any mother think it is possible?

NDTV: The police are saying that it could be a cover up and the whole family is protecting Rajesh. What would you like to say to that?

Dr Nupur Talwar: It is utter nonsense. Totally baseless. They can say what they have to but I know it is not true. My heart knows it is not true. God also knows it is not true. He was there and was watching and I am sure He will do something about it.

NDTV: I know you are going to fight the legal case. I am not going to ask you the specifics but when you are reliving the tragic incident, what do you think actually happened?

Dr Nupur Talwar: The fact is Sonia, I have no idea. Initially when I woke up and saw what had happened, I obviously thought it was the servant. This is the first thing that will come to anyone’s mind. One day later, when the body was discovered and the police started looking here and there, it came to my mind that it was probably some kind of enmity that the servant had. It could be anything, she could have been witness to something happening in the house. How do I know that? She is not here to answer it. No one can answer that.

NDTV: All these theories you heard that Arushi and Hemraj were close and that is why Rajesh was enraged. How was Hemraj in the family?

Dr Nupur Talwar: Hemraj was the servant whom I had trusted. He was around forty-five years old. An elderly kind of person, who had children and a grand son. I never had any problems with Hemraj, whatsoever. In fact on Thursday, when we had lunch together, Aarushi ate palak paneer, for the first time in her life.

I remember Hemraj saying ”She eats pizzas everyday. I am so happy. She ate palak paneer.” This is the kind of relationship that they had. He always cared for her in what ever way he could. I never thought anything like this is possible ever.

NDTV: And all these things, that Hemraj was perhaps a father figure as she was not close to Rajesh, is that true at all?

Dr Nupur Talwar: I knew everything about Arushi, Rajesh knew everything about her. All the things that she had in school, her friends and all. She spoke about these to both of us. In fact, there were times when he probably knew most of the things. She used to tell me, today I spoke to papa and we talked about this.

It is not possible. The killer is somewhere out there somewhere.

NDTV: How are you going to battle this alone? I know you have a very strong support from family. But how are you going to fight this?

Dr Nupur Talwar: We will have to fight it out in the court. The truth has to come out. There is no way. I hope there is some justice outside. At least, in God’s court I hope there is not so much injustice. I am going to fight till the end. I am not going to sit back and let anyone do what they wish to.

NDTV: You have told me that it was a happy day in your life because you had opened Arushi’s birthday gift. Tell me about that.

Dr Nupur Talwar: It was a normal day. I picked her from school. My sister-in-law was at home. We all had lunch together. I took her to her nani’s house. Then I went for work. Then coming back I picked her up from her class. We entered home, generally sat and talked about her birthday plan, about which she was very excited.

NDTV: And today is her birthday.

Dr Nupur Talwar: Yes, today is her birthday. I have not got time to sit back and talk to her picture. I just haven’t done that.

Yes, to comeback to that day, she kept calling her friends to make sure who was coming and who was not. The next day I think was the last day of school, so she was planning an outing with friends.
After dinner we went to our rooms. The courier had come. We had ordered a camera for her birthday. Rajesh said let us give her the camera on 24th. I said let us give it to her, it is her birthday party, she will take pictures. Rajesh said let her use my camera for that and we will give her a surprise gift.

We both entered her room (to gift her the camera) and held it together. She was so touched. Then we opened it.

NDTV: As a mother, would you cover up any suspicion that your husband had killed Arushi? Would you cover up?

Dr Nupur Talwar: Would any mother do that? Would any mother sleep through the night knowing that the husband has killed the child? I don’t think that would make a mother a human being. She has to be some kind of an animal. It is not possible. Can a father kill the child and then sleep till the morning?

NDTV: There were rumours about Anita Durrani. She talked to the press and said all this is not true. Did you know Anita Durrani? What is your reaction to the rumours?

Dr Nupur Talwar: Dr Durrani is like extended family. I know her since the time Arushi was born. Her daughter and my daughter are of the same age, probably just six months difference. They were like sisters. They have been the part of my family. Whenever any family member had any problem, her husband would come in the middle of the night to take care of them. She came for Arushi whenever she had any problems. We never had any other family doctor.

Whenever Rajesh had asthmatic attacks, we have called him up and he has been there in five minutes. Anita has always looked after Arushi. Her home was always the second home, where she felt safe. These are baseless conjectures.

NDTV: Tell me about how the last eight days have been like? You must have lived through the worst nightmare of our life.

Dr Nupur Talwar: Every day has been hell for me. To see your daughter brutally murdered is like God’s worst punishment to me. I don’t think anyone can get a worst punishment. I have told Rajesh, we will do something, we will get over it, we will find a life for ourselves. We will do something in her memory, we will not forget her. He was such a broken man. My family told me that you are a strong person, you have to give him strength. He is completely shattered. I am not sure he will be able to recover from this. He will not be the same person by the time this will be over.

NDTV: But you will continue to fight for him?

Dr Nupur Talwar: Yes I will continue to fight for him and for the family, for Arushi. She will give me the strength for this and no one else.

NDTV: What would you like to say to our viewers in memory of your daughter?

Dr Nupur Talwar: All I can say is, Arushi has been taken away by animals. My life has come to an end. My husband is taken away too. I do think there is justice there. I will do my best to find justice for me and my family. It is not going to be something that I can let go. I hope there is light at the end of the tunnel. The cloud has to move off.



13 Responses to “Aarushi Talwar Murder Case>>>Read Details”

  1. PeterMontee said

    gr8 information

  2. kaushik said

    Its hard to come out of this,only parants who have gone through this will know. just befor this tragidy we lost our only son in a car crash who came to us after 10 years of wedding.A car hitting from behind in which our son was thrown out. And now the fight for justice with this handicap system of law and justice.I can feel the pain of Arushi mother what she going through and upon the lost of daughter the law where she as to ans many many things.I feel in this country there is no justice.I have written from the president prime minister union law minister state C.M of karnataka,state law minister RTI supream court and all the other related dep.It was the only prime minister office reply me and directed the Karnataka govt to look in the matter. Still nothing happen so far.
    I wish this reach to arushi mother .
    Kaushik jogia

  3. usha said

    Even I do not believe in India’s law and justice system. It is so corrupt, what truth can you expect from them. About 15 years back my father who was living alone in hyderabad was murdered. The police and investigators did a terrible job of trying to solve the case. They took a lot of money from us saying that they would solve within a few week, that they have the suspects on hand – but this went on for months and years and even up today they have nothing.

  4. ranjit kaur said

    aarushi wherevr u are, u will definately receive ur justice.. may god bless ur soul nd u b happy werevr u are.. the entire system is corrupted nd useless..

  5. sneha_ravi said

    aarushi……… ur soul will sustain with peace ma.. crime corrupts cant hide for many Days . it will come out very soon. who ever has done this , they must get punished life long in prison/jail , they must suffer suffer lottt

  6. zab said

    I think the luckiest was hemraj,the old lover, even he died on the scene.This is my opinion can be true or false.

  7. zab said

    why keep a man as a maid ?.A man and a girl without the third,the third is satan.-Wise man.

  8. Arun Sharma said

    I am reading all the information in regards to arushi hemraj murder. I think in my views the investigation itself created lots of dots in it to solve the case. But it is really hard for arushi parents to live in this situation . But only god knows wats true and whose is responsible for that . I am pretty sure one day culprits will be punished by the god.

  9. Savita said

    It is very strange that somebody has entered your house and kid your child and a parent is completely unaware. I think the parents themselves have to look for the answer. There is definately something hidden somewhere something has been covered up. I mean truth cant take so long to get disclosed. It usually happens when our own person wants to hid it for some reason.

  10. Dushyant said

    It is taking so much time bt i m sure ,arushi that u will get justice,our sympathy wl be always wd u, ur soul.God please help her soul so that she would be happy

  11. juv said

    4 years gone!!!!…come on!! why does our courts have to delay cases…so long…its shows how pathetic our country is in view of justice!!!…and even investigations!!!…we may still have pending cases in courts even after dooms day!!!

  12. VASISHTA said

    the murder of any girl if becomes mysterious and any kind of is involved in it thst would surely lead to that kind of so called relationship….. god damn it ….. let’s wait 4 the true justice and even i don’t belive in regulation and correct usage of it…….. May AARUSHI get her justice

  13. Shridevi P.S said

    4 years gone!!!!…come on!! why does our courts have to delay cases…so long…It is taking so much time bt i m sure ,arushi that u will get justice,our sympathy wl be always wd u, ur soul.who ever has done this , they must get punished life long in prison/jail , they must suffer suffer lottt… may god bless ur soul nd u b happy werevr u are.. the entire system is corrupted nd useless..

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