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Make Yourself Cough

So, you want to learn how to make yourself cough for whatever reason. There are many ways to do this, and this article will hopefully outline the most useful ones.


  1. Find a substance that makes you cough For example if you’re allergic to pollen find some pollen, inhale it and it should make you cough.
  2. Inhale forcefully Try inhaling large amounts of air very quickly. This should cause an explosion of air outward that sounds like a convincing dry cough.
  3. Catch a Cold All though this isn’t a very fun method, it will make you cough, probably more than you want.
  4. Try fake coughing constantly If you keep doing this it should make you start to cough subconsciously.


    1. Trying to make yourself cough with a substance can lead to a severe allergic reaction, be careful!
    2. Colds can, of course, lead to respiratory track infections.
    3. After making yourself cough subconsciously you may find it hard to stop, even with medicine.

One Response to “Make Yourself Cough”

  1. vAmari SLOAN said

    Just testing everything out!

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