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Speed up Downloads

How to Speed up Downloads

Okay, so your Internet Speed has increased ten-fold after applying the tweaks already present on this site.. but what about download speed? Well, I wont try and go into how internet speed and download speed are co-related – because, if you’re like me, you’ll be more interested in better download speeds rather than knowing the history. Wokay! Without further ado, lets start:

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The trick to get better speeds is to get a download manager. Already heard of them? Or already using them? No problem. From my internet experience, DAP ( Download Accelerator Plus) specializes in giving you optimum download speeds.

For example, a normal FireFox download manager gives me speeds ranging from 10-20 kbps (max) since I’m on a 128 kbps connection :


Using the same file, I get around 50-200 kbps (Yeah, baby) speeds using this Download Manager:


Amazing? This is the Power of the DAP! Anyways – here’s how you can get about doing all this:

1) Click here to get Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) – You can either get the free version, or the paid one. The only difference which I feel is that you can minimize downloads to the system tray in the paid program, while you cant in the free version. And the ads of course! Don’t worry about speeds, they are almost the same. But if you feel like “thanking” DAP for providing such a wonderful application, go ahead and buy it!

2) Download the file, install it. After you do that, you’ll get the following message:

Instal DAP 1

Hit “No” since it doesn’t probably make a difference.

After a few seconds, the window will promt: “Success! Download Communication Test Successful”. Click “Next”

4) After clicking next, you’ll be promted with this window:

// DAP Install 3

Please click the above image to enlarge* (Popup blocker must be disabled)

Select the “Free Version” and Click Next. After this, you’ll be prompted with a window which asks you to download “DAP Extras”. Uncheck them all (If they aren’t already) and click Next.Beleive me you don’t want them! You’ll be then directed to the “Finish” screen. Click Finish and say hello to thr world of DAP.

To Start downloading a file, refer to the screenshot present below:

// DAP Download Add

Click “Add” in the top left corner. Type in the URL of the file you want to download & click OK. You’re done. Watch as the speed zoom’s pass your normal download speed.

If DAP is on in the system tray, it’ll automatically read almost almost downloads you make, and transfer them to its manager to increase the download speed. It also allows to resume broken or stopped downloads! Coolness, anybody?!

You’re done. Start downloading those large files you always wanted, and notice the change in your download speed! Enjoy! Whilst you’re here, you may also want to check out the other guides we have at our place


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