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Opinions matter!! Counselling 2010

Counselling of WBJEE – 2010 and AIEEE – 2010 rank holders for admission to Engineering / Technological / Pharmacy Degree Colleges / Universities in West Bengal for the academic session 2010-11

The Counselling shall be conducted in two phases. The 1st phase Counselling of WBJEE – 2010 ( upto WBJEE rank :

Gen – 60000, SC – 6220, ST – 630, PC – 396) and AIEEE – 2010 ( upto All India Overall rank 500000) rank holders is scheduled to commence w.e.f. 03.07.2010 (Saturday) and is likely to continue up to 20.07.2010 at Yuba Bharati Krirangan ( Salt Lake Stadium), Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700 098.

The 2nd phase of Counselling for wait listed candidates of the 1st phase of Counselling only is likely to take place  from 30.07.2010 to 01.08.2010 at the same venue.

Rules for getting wait listed ( for WBJEE – 2010 rank holders only)

A candidate reporting at the 1st phase of Counselling seeking allotment of seat shall have the option to register himself / herself as a wait listed candidate for 2nd phase of Counselling, in case he/she does not accept the allotment of any seat in any

College available to him / her as per merit during the 1st phase of Counselling. Such option will have to be exercised at the time of Counselling itself.

Counselling fee : Rs.500/- (Non – refundable) to be paid in the form of Bank Draft / Pay Order (Payable at Kolkata) to be drawn in favour of “ Central Selection Committee (E&T)”’.

A Voting Poll is arranged plz vote.

Choose the better subject for Engineering between CS,IT and Chemical in the poll below. Comments are WELCOME.

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13 Responses to “Opinions matter!! Counselling 2010”

  1. Shivam said

    Definately go for Cs/IT which is a much much better stream than Chemical without any doubt. And St Thomas, is a v.good college. So my vote goes for CS/IT

  2. Avinash said

    CS or IT all the way guysss. Thumbs down to Chemical. Am now working in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), which is the largest provider of information technology and business process outsourcing services in Asia. And in a good position in the company, getting a quite high salary that also in just a short time, and I can guarentee you will not be able to achive this success taking up chemical engineering. Now your choice. And let me tell you guys am not even a student of a good college like St. Thomas, i studies IT from Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology but today here I am. So decide guyss.

  3. Ashita said

    I am a student, gave joint this yr. I am really confused whether to take CS or IT. Can any1 help me plsss. Pls tell me the differences. Thank you in advance..

    • Viren Chotalia said

      Ashita Computer Science is a field of science which deals with theory and foundation of information and computations, on the other hand Information Technology and the name suggests is more related to PROCESSING and MANAGING of information in an environment. That’s y we’ll never come to hear CS companies, rather we say IT companies.
      I think looking at the present market, its a wiser decision to move with IT rather than CS because thats what all top companies are looking for now.

      And answering the main question I would say CS/IT always a better option than Chemical Engg be in any collg. But if u love chemistry very much and u just want to stay attached, go for Chemistry. My vote goes to CS/IT in St Thomas.

    • Anuj Shrivastav said

      Viren has already given a good clarification
      let me repeat with little more improvement…

      CE (computer science) describe what is the science behind computer..

      how computer is engineered. include history, present and future of computer.
      while IT is some thing different…

      it is study of technology, with a bit of mathematics included..
      describe following things..

      1. How to collect information from various source….
      2. How to store information in such a way that it can be back in desire manner.
      3. How to re-distribute information in such way that it fulfill the requirement.

      and by chance computer is involve in the all activity.
      so, its look like computer and IT both are same.

      but fact is that,
      CS is a study of machine..
      IT is a study of information gathering, storing and distributing.

      CS is just the theory part, main application is in IT.. so u should definately go for IT. In the job market, its in more demand than CS. I am a IT professional, and even i went through same stages as you, so know this industry in and out, so IT should be your 1st choice in any college.

      Now coming to the poll question, since am included the recruitment team of my company, i should tell you St Thomas has equal reputation in the market as Heritage, so dont bother about college take the best subject. IT my choice over even CS, because i have seen IT students are much more well groomed to the jobs than the CS people.

      • Ashita said

        Thank you so much both of you. I just want to know, can i manage taking up IT since i did’nt have computers in my plus 2.

    • Niraj Saxena said

      Yes Ashita, dont worry if you are good at Mathematics there is no reason to give this a second thought, just go for it. Its basically very easy to learn the computer languages, you just have to learn all the different syntax and rules and have to be a bit good with numbers( i mean mathematics). Since I am my self a private Counselor attached with a private company my advice will be to go for IT.

      The basic question of the poll is very interesting. A very confusing situation I can see for any student. These answers we professionals often give out. The simple answer is go by the stream and not by the college. While recruitment the companies are least bothered about College names, if just have to be in one of the top 5 colleges of your city to bag the best job. And St Thomas in no way is 1 inch less than Heritage. As far as better career prospect is concerned its solely with the IT field be it CS ot IT, while IT is a inch ahead one can say. CS and IT have no difference other than a feel good factor. Rather IT syllabus helps you more to grab a better job since you get more trained in this field. Best of luck Ashita.

  4. Anuj said

    is chemical not worth taking???

    • Priya Verma said

      Anuj the thing is like that the Chemical Engg is not bad at all as a subject but requires much much more hard work, dedication and LUCK (most imp) to reach a top position in life even for a good student. On the other hand the IT industry with no doubt makes you reach top platform in life very easily. So basically a seat in CS/IT in any collg is much more worth than a Chemical seat.

  5. Arpan Mukherjee said

    Hmm i think go for CS or IT. I my self studied chemical from Heritage, but won’t wont advice to take it, its requires lots of hard work even after college to make a career, while my friends who were in CS and IT field are doing much better than me right now. Only few manages to reach a good level, Priya i agree it requires luck.

  6. Kinjal Sharma said

    Definately IT OR CS in St Thomas… No doubt at alllllllllllllll………….. CS and IT considered better stream over Electronics, Mechanical and Civil in todays market, Chemical stands no where near. I was a St thomos student in IT and my semester marks were also not that impressive, i got even 7pts but just because of the stream now am doing job in TCS and already got my first promotion, visited many cities for workshops trainings with extra payment. But with due respect to the chemical engginrs its not bad at all but u require muchhhhh more hard work with no 100% surety of success. The IT companies are also known for its different security plans, outing plans in our package so am just enjoying every bit of it. Any way best of luck to all appearing for counseling this month. GOD BLESS.

  7. Nikita said

    Chemical is not bad…. but IT rocks…..

  8. Aisha said

    both are good i thnk. I prefer the IT stream. my bro has IT he is doing quite well…

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